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How To Record A Voicemail Greeting 

Voicemail Greetings can be recorded through the Axxess Networks Web Portal. All users are able to log in to the web portal to update their own greeting. Users with higher administrative access, such as Office Managers will be able to edit other users as well.  Navigating to Voicemail Greetings as a Basic User Once you […]

Getting Started: Call History

businesswoman reviewing text messages on the phone

The Call History icon, found in your top menu, will take you to the Call History page. Where you will see the calls made to and from your account for the specified date range. Call History Filters You can change the date range by clicking the Filters button. After clicking the Filters button, the Call […]

Setting Up A Holiday Auto Attendant

contact center agent having a phone conversation

How do I set up a holiday message on my office phone? You can set up a holiday message using the instructions below: There are two parts.   You will need Office Manager Access or a user scope that allows for adding Auto Attendants. Please reach out to Axxess Networks Support for additional assistance. The Auto […]

Getting Started: Adding Music On Hold

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Clicking the Music on Hold icon will take you to your account’s music on hold center and will list all the custom music uploaded to your account that is played when you place someone on hold. Music played in a top-to-bottom order or randomized depending on how the queue was created. Music on Hold Settings […]

Getting Started: Intro To Your Portal

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Welcome to your new unified communications account! Your account on this system will allow you to make calls, receive voicemails, chat with other users in the organization, and much more. This article is designed to help teach you how to navigate to the Manager Portal, a web interface that allows you to access and control […]